About Me

“Kegels? Do I have those?” 

“I heard it was normal to pee a little when I exercise”

 “I can never jump on a trampoline, I have kids”

 “Every time I sneeze I have to sit down and cross my legs”

 “I feel bad for my partner, I never want to have intercourse because it just hurts. What’s wrong with me?”

 “The only way to deliver a baby is lying on your back…isn’t it?”

   These are just a few examples of things I hear every single day from women who come into my office. I’m a physiotherapist who specializes in treating urge & stress incontinence, pelvic pain and prolapse. It’s sad knowing that many women were actually told this is all NORMAL! And what’s worse, many were told this by a HEALTH PROFESSIONAL! It absolutely broke my heart knowing that so many women experience these symptoms daily and aren’t sure where to go for help. Unfortunately, this is still undiscovered territory for many health care practitioners and that leaves people helplessly searching for answers via the good ole internet. But, what lies hidden among the ads are websites with conflicting, confusing and misleading information. So, this is where I come in. I’m here to answer your questions and work with you to solve whatever your problem may be. I understand that it can be difficult to get in to see a practitioner due to long wait lists, scheduling conflicts, inaccessibility and financial burdens so I decided to build an online system that could be utilized entirely on YOUR time and won't break the bank!